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19th-century home outside Paris gets renovated with modern, marble details

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Monochrome marble accents were added throughout the historic house

The renovation of this 19th century home, just outside of Paris in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France, required a sensitive touch. The owners—a couple and their two children—asked the Spanish studio 05 AM Arquitectura to add a contemporary aesthetic to the house’s traditional layout and original features. Ultimately, the firm used marble finishes to give the interior a more modern, luxurious feel.

But first, the firm preserved as many of the original details as they could: The timber beams, ceiling and wall moldings were restored and painted off-white. Paired with light wood flooring, much of the interior has a subdued vibe.

Marble accents include a white table that spans the length of the dining room and a dramatic black hearth in the living room.

Some of the floorplan was opened up to bring more light into the ground floor. 05 AM Arquitectura removed part of an existing partition to better connect living room, dining room and kitchen. In the kitchen, the firm upgraded it with stark white cabinets and dark wooden counters. A large window that faces the garden brings in lots of light.

One of the two dining area holds a large wood table—materials that play off the original wood staircase that leads up to the second floor and the bedrooms.

According to 05 AM Arquitectura, the firm wanted to take advantage of the “magnificent existing alcoves” that exist throughout the home, “restoring their clarity and characteristic features.” The re-imagining of alcoves is most apparent in the bedrooms. In the master, the architects re-placed the alcove next to the bathroom. The grey accents in the bedroom are meant to blend with the streaks in the marble bathtub and shower.

In the children’s bedrooms, located on the opposite side of the master bedroom, beds have been set into alcoves painted bright colors. It’s the one thing that pops in this mostly understated, elegant design.