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This luxury treehouse with spa deck and slide is everything

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Glamping at its best

Glamping meets the crafty treehouse in this luxury forest retreat near England’s Jurassic Coast. Propped on stilts and built around a sinewy mature oak tree, the two-story structure features a delightfully mish-mash exterior, with a facade made of chestnut log stacks, oak laths, and oak shingles.

The inside is equally tricked out. From the central “rotunda,” you can find a rotating wood burner, King-size bed under a skylight, open air “tree-shower,” and copper bath with stellar nature views. There’s also an upper spa deck with a sauna and hot tub accessible via a spiral staircase, plus a playful stainless steel slide down to the ground and a wooden bridge entrance.

Created by furniture designer Guy Mallinson and Keith Brownlie of U.K. architecture firm Brownlie Ernst and Marks, the “Woodman’s Treehouse” is available for rent for a steep $310 per night. You can take a virtual tour here.

Via: Designboom