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Midcentury-inspired Hollywood home opens up to the outdoors

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Indoor-outdoor living at its Southern California finest

This gorgeous, minimalist 1,200-square-foot one-bedroom by Struere Architecture was inspired by and built on the site of an existing midcentury house by Milton Caughey, creating a fresh take on the indoor-outdoor living philosophy of that period.

Designed as a single story structure in two parts, the Hollywood Hills home features white brick walls, extensive floor-to-ceiling glazing, and wood paneling. The kitchen, dining, and living areas occupy one volume of the house and can be completely opened to the outdoors. The bedroom, bathroom, and small study make up a second, smaller volume.

Separated by a sandy courtyard, the two sections are connected by a flat, low, overhanging roof, which features an opening that allows a tree to rise through to the sky. A yard made up of a concrete grid and grass extends the home’s outdoor living potential as well as establishing a further distinction from the existing structure.

Though the residence is certainly midcentury-modern in its makeup, it’s also wholly Southern California. Have a look below.

Via: Dezeen, Architectural Record