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Slick tiny house converted from 40-foot shipping container

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When small design trends collide

 The exterior of a shipping container which is now a tiny house. The lower level is grey with a door. The upper level is wooden with windows.
A covered porch has been carved from the shipping container.
All photos via Tiny House Listings

It’s a tiny house...It’s a shipping container...It’s your favorite micro-home trends mashed up into one for $47,900! Whipped up by Missouri-based Custom Contain Living, this 312-square-foot abode is a brand spanking new tiny house converted from a 40-foot shipping container, with about a third of it carved out to form a covered porch.

While the structure maintains the container’s rigid, orthogonal form, it’s been given a sloped roof to accommodate two lofts inside. Both the exterior and interior have also been clad in cozier materials, including lap siding on the facade and stained pine and barn wood paneling and birch cabinets inside. Taking advantage of a rather spacious layout, the home fits a standard five-foot tub/shower unit, combo washer/dryer, and full-size dishwasher.

The interior of a shipping container. The walls are wooden. There is a ceiling fan, staircase, doors, and windows.
The interior of a shipping area. The walls are metal. There is a sink.
The interior of a shipping container. The roof is metallic. The walls and floor are wooden. There is a bookshelf. Tiny House Listings

Via: Tiny House Swoon