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Amazon brick-and-mortar stores are coming

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The internet retail giant plans on opening brick-and-mortar convenience stores

The world’s largest internet retailer is gearing up to launch real-world grocery stores. Amazon has plans to open brick-and-mortar convenience stores in an effort to woo spenders away from the likes of Walmart and Kroger, according to the Wall Street Journal and MIT.

The average American household spends roughly $5,500 a year during grocery store visits, and Amazon wants a piece of the action. The retailer’s Fresh grocery-delivery service has been operational for several years, but sources at the company revealed plans for physical shops that would also offer drive-through grocery pickup and same-day delivery.

Walmart, the United States’ largest food retailer, will sell an estimated $140 billion worth of groceries in 2016 alone. With Walmart poised to launch it’s own online-ordering-with-curbside-pickup program, it makes sense that Amazon would try to grab a chunk of the market.

Via: MIT Technology Review