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This is the world’s fastest bike

The Eta reached a top speed of 89.59 mph, breaking its own record

Aerovelo, a Toronto and Ontario-based innovation lab focusing on designing human powered vehicles, recently broke its own record for the world’s fastest bike. The Eta Speedbike reached speeds of 89.59 miles per hour (or 144.17 kilometers per hour) at last month’s World Human-Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, surpassing last year’s record—also held by Eta—of 86.65 miles per hour (139.45 kilometers per hour).

Created by two University of Toronto graduate students Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson, the Eta—named after the Greek letter used in engineering to denote efficiency—is built with a low center of gravity, aerodynamic design, ultra thin tires (less than two millimeters wide), no windows (a camera system is used for vision), and precise ergonomic, recumbent seating and pedals to accommodate the rider.

Indeed, it’s Reichert’s skill as a cyclist that powers the egg-shaped bike to an equivalent highway fuel efficiency of 9544 MPGe, which is about a hundred times better than the most efficient electric cars. The pilot’s energy output is also roughly equivalent to the amount it would require to power three lightbulbs.

Combined with safer, more prominent bike lanes, coast-to-coast bike trails, and all-around better infrastructure, could the Eta pave the way for the future of transportation?

Take a look under the hood of the world’s fastest bike in the video below.

Via: Designboom