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Transforming backyard retreat is three dwellings in one

Very impressive

File this under: the raddest things you can gift your mom. Over in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Caspar Schols—a.k.a. “World’s Best Son”—recently completed the Garden House, an impressive, transforming garden retreat for his mother. Built mainly of Douglas fir wood, glass, and a metal roof, the familiar gabled structure seeks to fulfill all of his mother’s needs, which is a place to paint, meditate, as well as host dinner parties with friends and theater performances by her children.

As such, the design had to be flexible. Like our clothes, the Garden House operates in layers: a glassy inner chamber and an opaque outer one. Both shells are split into tow halves and can slide along on a wooden platform to form several different layouts.

On a warm, sunny day, they can pull apart the outer layer to reveal a glass pavilion that’s sheltered yet connected to the outdoors. On colder, rainier days, they can contract both layers to create a a well-protected hideout. For all the other times, they can also toggle the inner layer to create a “sunroom” of sorts on one or both sides. Take a closer look.

Via: Dezeen