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Long-awaited Belgrade metro system to break ground in 2018

60 years after it was first proposed, a Belgrade metro system might actually happen

After many of Belgrade’s public tram lines were destroyed in World War II, city planners floated the idea of a metro system connecting existing above-ground tracks with two underground rail lines beneath the city center. Lack of funding initially quashed the idea, but it was revived in new incarnations again and again over the decades, with plans expanding the number of proposed lines and appealing to different potential investors. Still, nothing ever materialized.

But finally, after more than 60 years, Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali has announced that a nearly €10 billion ($11 billion) metro plan is in the works and should break ground by the end of 2018. Sinisa recently met with potential investors from Serbia and Russia about the project.

“The metro has never been closer to being realized than today,” Mali announced at the meeting. “It will be a new source of growth for Serbia and Belgrade.”

As Serbia’s capital and largest city, Belgrade is home to some 1.5 million residents. Locals primarily travel by car or bus, and the planned metro is anticipated to alleviate traffic jams and offer a better option for public transit.

Belgrade is also proposing several large-scale developments, including the 21-billion-square-foot “Belgrade on Water” office and housing complex.

Via: Global Construction Review