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Midcentury mystery house big on charm but short on details, asks $180K

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From the 1960s, perhaps?

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Location: Quincy, Illinois

Price: $179,900

There’s not much intel on this house, but what we do know is that it’s midcentury modern-esque in look, if not in its provenance, and very affordable (comparatively speaking, that is).

The three-bedroom measures a generous 2,115 square feet and features the low profile, post-and-beam construction of midcentury architecture, as well as extensive glazing, wood paneling, use of mixed materials on the exterior, and an open layout. According to the brief listing, though the home has been restored, its wool carpet and cork flooring are original and in pristine condition. The kitchen and its cabinetry appear to be period as well.

Only two owners have enjoyed the property, suggesting that it’s been lovingly held for many years. WowHaus guesses it might be from the 1960s, a conjecture that we agree with. Located at 3001 Lincoln Hill NE in a city on the Mississippi River in Western Illinois, it’s asking an incredible $179,900.

Via: WowHaus