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Apartment renovation uses mirrors to amplify space and light

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No strangers to clever apartment interventions, Barcelona-based Nook Architects has whipped up another rad renovation of a traditional flat. This time, mirrors play a huge role in the design—and the place ends up feeling like a cool optical illusion.

In the renovation, the first order of business was knocking down a wall between the living room and kitchen, making for a lofty space distinguished by barrel-vaulted ceilings and a pair of large arched windows. To make the space feel even brighter and larger, the firm strategically placed mirrors throughout the 1,270-square-foot home.

Material-wise, the project restored original details like the ceramic slabs and iron beams in the ceiling, and added wood, granite, steel, and glass, primarily in neutral tones. Check out a few more photos this way.

Via: Dezeen