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Studio Nendo celebrates paper in 3D in new exhibit

Quite delicate

Prolific Tokyo design studio Nendo has just opened a show at Creation Gallery G8 that celebrates the paper that graphic designers use—but not in the way one may necessarily think. Called “Un-Printed Material,” the exhibit presents 3D-printed and handmade outlines of pages, leaflets, and sheets in various stages of movement or stasis, or, as Nendo’s Oki Sato imagined it, as a “poster exhibition without posters.”

These delicate objects are ghostly and rather like a brain teaser, in that one may need to step back and train the eye to see the piece as paper and not just an abstract shape. For instance, one work shows a large poster with a corner every so slightly upturned, and another a booklet with its pages mid-turn. Other pieces include paper that appears to be torn or crumpled, and the outlines of objects like paper shopping bags, cups, and origami.

Displayed over three rooms, the show runs through November 17.

Via: Dezeen