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Never trip over another iPhone charger ever again

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The Anchor cable comes with a small, but brilliant, solution

Now this is kind of brilliant. If you’ve ever stepped on the tip of your iPhone charger, or rolled over it with your desk chair thereby rendering it useless, or tripped over the cord, then placed a book or another heavy object on top of it to prevent it from sliding off the table then realized you couldn’t find the darn thing anymore, then Native Union’s clever Anchor cable is just the thing you need.

Created by the team behind these sleek charging docks, the reinforced and braided six-and-a-half-foot, tangle-free cord features an adjustable, non-slip silicone geometric weight that, well, anchors the chord in place. It’s available in navy blue or beige and costs $34.99 and makes a rather nice desk ornament. No more fumbling in the dark for that pesky cord.

Via: Dezeen