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Cozy modern extension updates 1800s Melbourne home

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It’s all about the glass walls and patios

Sick of gorgeously sleek-yet-cozy Melbourne homes yet? We aren’t either. This recently completed restoration and addition project, for one, revives a 19th-century Italianate Victorian to splendid effect.

Completed by local firm Ola Studio, the renovation added a series of dark but understated timber volumes that extend the original rectilinear dwelling further into the backyard. In the process, the family of five and two dogs got a variety of new living spaces that engage with the outdoors.

The nearly 2,000-square-foot home now has an expansive rear living room with sliding glass doors leading out to a slightly shaded deck, plus a side patio off the kitchen. Meanwhile, the glass walls surrounding the dining area are half screened, adding a bit of intimacy to the space.

Via: Home Adore