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Faraday Future’s fancy electric car plant will be one of the world’s largest factories

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The 3.2-million-square-foot facility being built north of Las Vegas will have some nifty eco-friendly features

When finished, Faraday Future’s $1 billion electric car plant will be one of the 10 largest buildings in the world by usable volume. Roughly 703 acres of Nevada desert are being graded for the facility’s construction, which broke ground in April. But the structure will be more than your average robot-powered production line.

AECOM, a global infrastructure firm, is giving the plant an environmentally-conscious design. Materials for the building pad are being quarried directly onsite, reducing material transport costs and carbon footprint. The building will also be energy-efficient and include prismatic skylights above the manufacturing floor, low-maintenance materials, solar panels, and cool-roof coating. Nearby water retention pools are currently being excavated for use in compaction and the building’s cooling towers.

The front of the building will feature structural glass, a water feature, and outdoor lighting designed to minimize light pollution for optimal star-gazing. Faraday Future plans to give visitors guided tours of the facility, and the design incorporates public viewing platforms of the car-assembly line.

Faraday Future expects the plant to create 4,500 new jobs. That influx of workers, combined with the staffing needs of Tesla’s under-construction Reno Gigafactory are already fueling a housing boom in Nevada. Estimates say Nevada needs a minimum of 40,000 more housing units by 2020.

Via: World Architecture