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Exquisite modern home brings understated glamour to Virginia forest

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The minimalist design is at once welcoming and chic

Clean, contemporary, and slightly rustic, this home poised on a wooded Virginia peak beside the James River offers everything you could want in a secluded abode. Designed by local studio ARCHITECTUREFIRM, the house sports a dark wood-slat facade that provides an outdoorsy texture while beautifully contrasting with the rich colors of autumn leaves. A separate garage and studio means cars can be parked at a distance that won’t mar the view from any of the home’s several picture windows.

Visitors are greeted by a stone patio at the front of the home, complete with an outdoor fireplace cleverly built into the home’s exterior wall. Inside, the starkly modern structure of the building is tempered by an almost folksy wood panelling throughout. The white-washed panels offer a nice foil to the home’s darker wood floors and black window details.

The main living spaces are homey and open, connected to the bedroom volume across a glass-walled hallway. A pie-piece-shaped deck separates the living room from a guest suite.

Via: Contemporist