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Jean Nouvel-designed prefab house in Paris Tuileries Garden took two days to build

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Currently on view at FIAC

At this year’s FIAC, the international contemporary art fair held in Paris in late October, French architect Jean Nouvel has constructed an elegant, modular home that he’s created as a limited edition for Revolution Precrafted Properties, a collection of designer prefab homes.

Titled “Simple,” the home is currently on view Tuileries Garden alongside structures by Ron Arad and Jean Prouvé. It features a lightweight aluminum exterior, insulating foam and wood-lined walls, and moveable inner walls that allow the residence to be expanded and compartmentalized according to the inhabitants’ needs and preferences.

Measuring six by six meters, the one-bedroom can be transformed into a 144-square-meter (or 1,550 square feet) four-bedroom dwelling. The initial structure can be built in just two days.

“Housing is the purpose of architecture,” Nouvel said in a statement. He continued:

What we propose here is the most immediate way to inhabit a space, within a short timeframe, in places that are not designed for residential use today and that become so, spontaneously. All of the essential notions relating to housing must be condensed into a single object that can be built very quickly and inhabited by one, two, three or four people within the same volume.

Take a look below. Simple is on view through October 28.

Via: The Spaces