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Steven Holl-designed guest house makes case for unique geometries

The quirky exterior belies interiors that cross cozy with luxe

Well this is a fun Friday find: Steven Holl Architects, the New York City-based firm whose founder frequently lands on folks’ Pritzker Prize prediction lists (including ours), designed this quirky, cool house in the upstate New York town of Rhinebeck. From the outside, it may look like a particularly bombastic exercise in form-making. But inside, the beauty of the oddly-shaped voids and volumes that comprise the home comes alive.

Completed this summer, the three-level, 918-square-foot dwelling—dubbed the Ex of In House—was developed as part of the firm’s research and development program. Its unique shape, says the firm, was meant to be a rejoinder to the McMansion. Unlike them, this house is compact and sustainable (it is heated with a geothermal system and powered by solar energy).

To boot, the wood-paneled interiors, which center on a kitchen and don’t include traditional bedrooms but the dwelling, which is a guest house, does have room to sleep five. Take a look inside.

Via: Dezeen