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70s Airstream trailers restored into sci-fi-inspired rooftop lodging

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Pretty in pink

Last month, a 24-trailer-strong “Airstream hotel” opened in the redwoods of Northern California, becoming the second outpost for Santa Barbara-based startup AutoCamp. Now, Aussie firm FMSA Architecture has brought the hype to the central business district of Melbourne, where a fleet of ‘70s airstreams have been restored and renovated into hip new rooftop lodging.

Thoroughly decked out in pink—a popular color scheme du jour—the six trailers are parked against a matching pink mural created by artist Ash Keating. The blush interiors, designed by local studio Edwards Moore Architects, were actually inspired by classic sci-fi films like 2001: A Space Odyssey. All of the decor and furnishing, including linen and bathroom products, have been sourced from local businesses. Here’s a closer look.

Via: Designboom