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A revealing look inside photographer Juergen Teller’s new London Studio

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With a striking cameo by the photographer himself

Juergen Teller, photography’s enfant terrible and the mastermind behind some of contemporary fashion’s most iconic ad campaigns, likes to have fun, whether it’s behind the camera or in front of it. He even manages to make typically staid architectural photography look awfully exciting—by posing naked, perched on a donkey inside an otherwise empty room.

This space happens be his own, just-completed studio, a concrete structure by 6a Architects comprising several volumes separated by lush garden courtyards and occupying a narrow plot in London. The minimalist, multi-level building features poured concrete floors, cement-block walls, and hefty beams. Adding a little lightness to the monolith are plenty of windows, skylights, and interior glass walls, as well as brass accents and wooden furniture, built-ins, and door and window frames.

Besides studio space, the property also includes an office, kitchen, library, archive, sauna, and meditation room. While only the self-portrait was taken by Teller himself, you can still glimpse a bit of the photographer’s inner life by looking at his workspace, as seen through the lens of Johan Dehlin. What magical art will Teller create next within this austere, new realm?

Via: Dezeen