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New Hotel Panache in Paris lives up to its moniker

It certainly packs a punch

Here’s yet another pretty Paris hotel designed by Dorothee Meilichzon to inspire your next decorating project—or simply provide a lovely pictorial distraction. Hotel Panache, located in the Grands Boulevard neighborhood by the city’s most iconic department stores, occupies the former Hôtel Opéra-Madrid on a skinny corner of Rue Faubourg Montmartre and Rue Geoffroy Marie—which is why Meilichzon looked to New York’s Flatiron building for inspiration.

Indeed, geometric shapes and unconventional spaces take center stage here instead of being hidden, creating a dynamic and playful ambience that suits the seven-story hotel’s moniker. None of the 40 rooms are exactly like: All manner of bold, graphic wallpaper and carpeting line the walls and floors, respectively, while textures and materials abound.

Still, a common palette of grays, blues, and greens ties them all together. Brass globe lamps and old-fashioned black telephones also make appearances throughout the hotel, as do jagged, asymmetric mirrors. But the curved, wood-and-rattan headboards make sure things don’t get too harsh. Take a look below, then head to Yatzer for the full story.

Via: Yatzer