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The beauty of European hallways, captured in photos

Discover what’s lurking just around the corner

Romain Laprade is a Paris-based photographer who is obsessed with building halls, those spaces in between that people often pass by without a second thought. “These are the places I love to photograph the most,” he explains. “At first sight, insignificant details can emphasize rays of light, a shadow, a texture, a color.”

Indeed, Laprade finds inspirations traveling through Paris, Barcelona, London, and Berlin, where most of the interiors he shoots are located. During the building boom that began in the 1960s and continued to the 1980s, many architects—forgotten and unknown today—took particular care in designing their halls, whether Brutalist fortresses, or gleaming marble foyers. These are the interiors that catch Laprade’s eye.

One will also notice the ways in which nature asserts itself into these urban structures, adding a dynamism to the otherwise impersonal spaces. Take a look below, and discover what may be lurking just around the corner. (And see if you can identify any of the buildings.)