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New tiny house design exposes framing and electrical

Looking unfinished on purpose

Further proof that you can fit just about any trendy decor style in a tiny house: the Bunk Box from Portland, OR-based builder Shelter Wise offers "industrial chic" vibes in a trim 125 square feet. Shelter Wise, whose Hikari model unveiled this past spring packs in 14 windows, makes the Bunk Box all about about showing the guts, leaving wall framing and electrical elements exposed on the interior.

By revealing these details instead of covering them with dry wall or wood paneling, the design also adds an extra seven inches in width. Insulation comes from closed-cell foam wrapping and the thermally-separated floor assembly allows for radiant heating products. Other key features of the Bunk Box? A relatively roomy loft, with three feet and nine inches worth of headspace under a skylight, as well as a built-in wardrobe and desk. Plans for the Bunk Box are currently going for an introductory price of $69 over on Portland Alternative Dwellings.

Via: Portland Alternative Dwellings