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Architect revamps Victorian townhouse into airy family home


London, full of handsome Victorian townhouses that certainly can’t grow on their sides, is no stranger to fabulous backyard extensions. What sets this project apart is its subtle combination of the horizontal and vertical, the transparent and opaque.

Originally a teaching facility owned by Goldsmiths, University of London, the 1800s townhouse has now been overhauled by architect Henri Bredenkamp for his personal residence shared with his wife and young son. In addition to increasing the ceiling height in the existing structure, Bredenkamp also added a stunning extension to create a more open, light-filled space.

The extension is composed of an open living and dining room (which is illuminated under large glass panels), as well as a double-height glazed entryway with a striking grey wall for displaying artwork. Head to Dezeen for more photos, including a shot of the backyard playhouse, a mini rendition of the property.

Via: Dezeen