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Uber targets drivers in traffic with ad-displaying drones

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In Mexico City, Uber launched a swarm of drones to fly ads in front of drivers stuck in traffic

Uber’s busiest city is Mexico City—and they want to keep it that way. In an ambitious and somewhat aggressive new ad campaign, the ride-sharing company is flying sign-holding drones in front of traffic-trapped drivers, taunting them to take Uber instead of getting behind the wheel.

“The city would be for you, not 5.5 million cars,” reads the translation of one of the signs. Alluding to the city’s smog, another says, “Driving by yourself? This is why you can never see the volcanoes.”

It’s difficult to imagine the response a harried driver might have to seeing the ad-wielding drones hovering over the highway. A jolt of delight? Wave of road rage? Whatever the reaction, a drone buzzing by the windshield is sure to be attention-grabbing. The Verge is already calling drones-holding-signs “the future of advertising.”

Via: MIT Tech Review, Bloomberg