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Composition notebooks: the latest target for a designer overhaul

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“Comp” is asking $19 a piece

You may not have asked for it, but at long last, the classic composition notebook has gotten a makeover— and a new name. “Comp” is what Aron Fay, the Pentagram graphic designer behind the project, decided to call the reimagined notebook.

Comp is “made for the 21st century,” which means it features Italian Cialux cloth, micro-embossed paper covers, and the “finest, high white, smooth, uncoated paper.” Very fancy for something probably most used by kids recording vocabulary words and “Do-Nows.”

There’s something comforting about the cheap, ubiquitous composition notebook we all know and love. But, alas, Comp has already raised over $28,000 on Kickstarter and counting. If you see your friend carrying around a newer, sleeker composition notebook, don’t feel too bad—they had to pay $19 for something you can basically get for $3.29 at Staples.

Via: Kickstarter, Wired