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Wavy footbridge in China is infrastructure at its most playful

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Not your average bridge

A delightful bridging of infrastructure and design, this wavy, red steel footbridge in Changsha, China makes that oft-uttered proverb about crossing bridges more anticipatory than worry-delaying.

Created by Beijing and Amsterdam-based Next Architects, the 185 meter long (607 feet) and 24 meter high (78 feet) Lucky Knot bridge undulates in several strands and connects the banks of the Dragon King Harbour River in the Meixi Lake district, a massive development in southwest Changsha. Its swoops and curves offer dynamic views and new perspectives of the river, lake, and the sprawling city, with its clusters of skyscrapers adding a dramatic counterpoint.

The bridge even features an LED light show, making it a public art space as well. According to statement on the firm’s website, it was designed with recreational, ecological, and tourist activities in mind, and was inspired by the Möbius strip and Chinese knotting art: "In the ancient decorative Chinese folk art, the knot symbolizes luck and prosperity. The final shape of the bridge is the result of—literally and metaphorically—knotting all these routes together."

Via: Dezeen