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Rad public housing in South Korea wins nation's top architecture award

Located by Seoul’s ritzy Gangnam district

Count South Korea among the countries creating innovative, design-minded affordable housing complexes alongside France and Germany, just to name a couple. The Gangnam A5 housing block in Seoul was designed by architect Frits van Dongen and recently won the 2016 Korean Architecture Award, the country’s most prestigious architecture prize.

Made up of 1,363 apartments, 1,600 parking spaces, and community facilities, the development, which takes on the topography of its site, is arranged in five separate blocks, each featuring distinct sloping roof lines and a circular layout that incorporates a central courtyard. The total floor area is an impressive 180,000-square-meters (nearly 2,000,000 square feet).

Created as public housing for low-income families and dubbed “tower block hybrids,” each structure is meant to exist as a self-sufficient community, even as it retains its connection to the capital city and the neighboring Gangnam district. This unique arrangement allows residents to create both private and public spaces within the sprawling complex. Take a look below.

Via: Designboom