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Wacky birdhouse-like extension looks like it was made of twigs

The addition is chaotically covered in red wooden sticks, adding both visual pizazz and a brise soleil

Located in a sleepy French suburb known more for its railroad history than its experimental architecture, this eye-catching addition is unique home design with an eco-friendly twist.

Created by Lille-based architects D'Houndt + Bajart, the extension tops an unassuming red brick building on a street of similarly styled structures. The homeowners were hunting for a larger space when they decided to simply build up rather than move out.

Looking like a modern children’s fort or giant birdhouse, the extension is covered in hundreds of red wooden battens, wildly arranged. The sticks mask the main surfaces of the structure while serving as a screening for the windows. According to Inhabitat, the facade of chaotic sticks enhances the structure’s insulation and helps reduce energy use.

Inside, the addition, which set the owners back €172,000 (or about $188,000) creates a double-height living room covered with a bird-themed wallpaper. An open loft space looks out over the newly enlarged room.

Via: Inhabitat