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Stunning geometries grace new Muslim cultural center in China


Islamic tradition meets modern edge in this jaw-dropping new Muslim cultural center in Dachang, China, about 40 miles east of Beijing. Commissioned by the local government for the region’s significant Muslim population as well as visitors, the 376,700-square-foot building houses exhibition halls, convention space, theaters, and a community center.

The design, executed by the Architectural Design and Research Institute at the South China University of Technology and led by principal architect He Jingtang, takes its form from the traditional mosque, but has updated details with today’s materials and technologies. Instead of merely replicating Islamic symbols, for example, there’s a facade of abstracted, modernized geometric cut outs.

Perhaps the most dramatic element can be found in the rhythmic reflections of the arches wrapping around the structure, which is full view when visitors enter the building via a footbridge over the shallow moat. Talk about architecture for the Instagram age. More details and photos are on Designboom.

Via: Designboom