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Tiny house concept can expand to 337 square feet

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Tricked out, at a price

Is the next big thing in tiny houses a transformable body? Here’s one more sign pointing to it. Like this tiny house with two A-frame pop-outs, the “Aurora” concept from Canadian builder Zero Squared will also expand at the push of a button with electric motors.

Currently under development, the design measures a capacious 337 square feet when it expands from 8.6 feet to 15.1 feet in width. As you can see in the floor plan below, the expanded body creates a larger central living space, with a Murphy bed behind a partition, surrounded by a dining area and a lounge with a sofa. The built model, which is expecting to go for around $75,000, will be made with structural insulated panels and can offer a solar energy system and composting toilet for off-grid capability.

The whole pop-out feature is reminiscent of pop-up campers, which can have some folks asking again: Just what is the point of tiny houses when RVs already exist? If that sounds like you, our quiz on the topic might help clear things up a bit.

Via: New Atlas