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High-design hostel chain has an eye on the U.S.

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A bed at Generator hostels starts at just $15 a night

The ultra-hip, “design-led” European hostel chain Generator will soon bring its affordable rates and chic rooms to the U.S. The company, which was founded by Brits in 1997, boasts a high-design aesthetic and social lounge scene across 14 European locations. It’s opening a Miami hostel in 2017 and has plans expand into more North American cities.

With aspirations to double its locations in the next five years, Generator is experimenting with a licensing model that would let them add new hostels without buying more land or buildings. Hostel culture isn’t as well established in the states as it is in Europe, and Generator sees an opportunity to fill a need for lower-cost, high-quality accommodation.

"The least important thing we sell is the bed," said Generator CEO Fredrik Korallusin in an interview with Co.Design. "They’re buying into social engagement with the community."

A big part of building Generator’s lively shared spaces is the brand’s emphasis on interior design. Its recently opened Amsterdam location, for example has an adorable cafe, a bar/event space, and a living room in an old library. All of the spaces are gorgeous. Selling incidentals—like food and drink—to visitors is an integral part of Generator’s business model. When you fit four guests in a room, that’s three more people than before who have to eat and drink.

After Miami, Generator is eyeing potential locations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, and Cuba. Wherever they open, we bet it’ll look cool.

Via: Co.Design