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New interactive maps show solar panel costs and payoff by zip code

Take a peek at how much your neighbors are saving with solar

Solar panels are hot hot hot. Lots of folks are interested in getting a rooftop solar system for eco-friendly, cost-saving reasons. But no one wants to wait for a site visit to get an idea of how much it’ll all cost. That’s where a new tool from EnergySage comes in. The startup’s interactive quote map lets users plug in their zip code to see what nearby neighbors have been quoted for a solar installation.

The information on prices and payback periods is meant to help customers understand system costs and comparison shop for installers. The data all comes from real-world estimates requested through EnergySage.

The company also has a set of state maps with solar installation costs broken down by county.

EnergySage is not alone in this solar-panel-promoting-online-tool game. Google’s new Project Sunroof initiative can estimate how many hours of energy-producing sunlight hit your rooftop each year.

Knowledge is power, right?

Via: EnergySage