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Chic new furniture collection is all about sumptuous materials

Appoint your parlor in leather, marble, and Spanish wool

Offering a preview of the Vaalbeek Project, a refurbishment and redesign of a forest house in Belgium, Brussels based gallery Victor Hunt Designart Dealer has staged a “Contemporary Salon,” an interior series by Spanish designer Tomás Alonso featuring a line of chic furniture, lighting, and decor objects in a range of sumptuous materials.

The pieces are modern, geometric, and bold—with an undeniable Art Deco flair—and combine leather, marble, metal, wood, and textiles in simple yet artful gestures that suggest not only timelessness but also functionality.

“I try to use materials’ properties as an intrinsic part of the object, so that the material, combined with the way it is manipulated, becomes the shape of the object,” Alonso said in a statement.

Indeed, the coffee table features machine-milled groove-cut surfaces that allow for stacking while lending the otherwise solid piece of stone a tactility and an element of lightness. The ridges are mimicked by the patterned rug underneath.

Still, it’s not all heft. The plush leather seating in burnt orange leather is framed by aquamarine rods, while the two minimalist lamps, one arching and another upright, appear to be propped up by the thinnest components. Two basic shapes—a disc and cylinder on one, and a cylinder and block on the other—make up their abstract bases.

The pieces will be available through the gallery. A look, below.