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Lakeside retreat showcases rugged natural materials in Montana

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Stone Creek Camp consists of multiple structures connected by courtyards

We love this lakeside retreat located in the woods of Montana, and not just because it looks like it’s growing a tuft of hair. Created by Austin-based studio Andersson-Wise, Stone Creek Camp, as it’s called, takes advantage of its rugged site and puts natural materials at the center of its design scheme.

Built as a retreat and a gathering place for relatives, the site consists of multiple structures—a gatehouse, lodge, main home, and guest accommodations—and “interlocking” courtyards that are meant to be discovered “progressively.”

The main cabin features double-layered walls made of cordwood, or short pieces of debarked tree that are stacked crosswise against a wall, on both the inside and the exterior. This, combined with stone walls, creates a unique, textured scheme that highlights the natural environment. A flat roof landscaped with wild grass tops the main home, while a large terrace and screened-bedroom provide even more seamless access to the outdoors.

The smaller outbuildings have gabled roofs and are clad in Alaskan cedar siding. Take a look at photos below, and head to Dezeen for the full scoop.

Via: Dezeen