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Tiny house built with recycled materials shows off a spiral staircase

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That’s new!

File this under: things you didn’t expect to see in a tiny house. In the last month, we’ve already seen inventive designs that stand out with electric pop-outs, exposed framing and electrical, and a motorized drawbridge deck. This time around, a 200-square-footer named design “Little Lou” caught our eye with its spiral staircase, quite possibly the first we’ve seen in a tiny house.

Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, the good-looking blue dwelling was built using second-hand and reclaimed materials. Recycled corrugated metal, along with rounded metal tub, for example, creates an unusually industrial bathroom (we just hope it won’t rust too badly. As for the curved stairs, it’s not only a stylistic highlight, but also seems more compact than a regular staircase; the lost opportunity, of course, is built-in storage. Take a closer look, below.

Via: Tiny House Swoon

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