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Renovation balances light and dark interior design elements in Australia

Airy and substantial

This lovely home in Melbourne, Australia underwent a recent renovation in order to make room for a baby on the way. Helmed by Northbourne Architecture and Design, the redesign involved making better use of existing space rather than adding an extension. What stands out about the project, however, is not its architectural enhancements, but the subtle interior design choices that went into creating an atmosphere that is both classic and of the moment, airy yet substantial, and daring without being too precious.

The decor strikes a favorable balance between opposite tendencies through its use of materials and textures, as well as through a commitment to room-specific schemes. In the living room, a simple, black in-wall fireplace contrasts sharply with the bright-white paint job of the room but establishes a connection with the dark coffee table and lounger. A blue wood-framed sofa, pale pink carpet accented with a cowhide skin, and brass side table take the room in a softer direction.

The same is true in the master bedroom, where dark bedding mixed in with white sheets and black furniture pieces keep it even-keeled. But it’s the two bathrooms that go big and bold to without compromising the balance of the rest of the home. In one, a geometric pattern of black tiles with black grouting lines the floors and the bottom half of the wall, while an all-white bathtub and double sinks with all-white fixtures create a striking contrast. In the other, it’s white built-ins and speckled gray tiling that takes over the space, while just the large window frame plus a small strip above the sink are painted black. The nursery is the simplest room, with the only design accent a herringbone pattern of wood strips adorning the bottoms of the sliding closet doors.

Via: Design Milk