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Flexible furniture for children adapts to their changing needs

Combining crib, storage, shelving, and more

As it turns out, multifunctional all-in-one furniture isn’t just for adults. A new collection of children’s furniture from Dutch brand Teehee shows how children can also benefit from flexible designs that make the most of space.

Combining sleeping space, storage, and shelving into one module, Teehee’s designs create a centralized hub for parents to interact with their children and tend to their changing needs. The Illa, for example, can transform from a crib to a lowered bed for toddlers (though, judging by the photos, the mattress in the crib mode could also use some lowering to ensure babies can’t climb over the rail)

Other components of the design include the options to swap in a children’s table and attach a changing table to the horizontal counter. See more photos here.