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$32M Texas mansion has waterpark, in-ground trampoline in backyard

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It’s the mullet of mansions: business in the front, party in the back


This Dallas, Texas mansion, currently on the market for $32,347,000, is our new favorite mansion and it’s not even close.

The residence itself would be enough to be worth highlighting, with its eight bedrooms, 17.5 bathrooms (17.5 bathrooms!), many ornate chandeliers, fireplaces, gilding, full-size indoor basketball court, multiple game rooms (including at least one bowling alley), ten-car garage, et cetera, et cetera. And that’s before you even get to the backyard.

Because in the backyard, you see, there is a waterpark. A genuine waterpark, with a huge waterslide, jungle gym-type thing, waterfall, fake rock formation, large pool, two cabanas, and a whole bunch of palm trees. There’s also a tennis court and an in-ground trampoline, which is not something that we are sure we’ve seen before.

This is truly the mullet of mansions: business in the front (more or less), and definitely one hundred percent party in the back.

10711 STRAIT LANE DALLAS, TX 75229 [Ebby]