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Dramatic, cantilevered pad breaks the beach house mold in Australia

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It’s the work of Brisbane firm Refresh Design

The classic beach house has taken many forms—from the traditional, gabled seaside bungalow to the sleek, modern pad fit for a Bond villain, and many styles in between. What sets this Aussie wood-and-corrugated steel dwelling (dubbed the Northern Rivers Beach House) apart from its peers is its dramatic cantilever; in this design, by Brisbane-based architecture studio Refresh Design, the upper level, open-plan kitchen, living, and dining rooms float above a paved carport on the house’s tight lot.

The house’s unique design has snagged it a couple of awards, including the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2015 Gold Coast-Northern Rivers award for exceptional design in the area. The interiors aren’t too shabby either, and include wood paneled ceilings and darkwood floors, with broad windows that let natural light in. Take a look around, and read more, over at Designboom.