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We’re on Flipboard: Follow us!

Curbed is teaming up with the curation-based social magazine

As of today, you can find Curbed articles on Flipboard, the social media and news curation platform that’s laid out like a digital magazine.

Follow us @Curbed for all things home—from home tech and great houses to urban planning and transportation to the best advice from the Curbed Handbook. Fave, flip, and reflip our stories, now specifically formatted for the platform. If Flipboard is new to you, they’ve got a handy tutorial to get you started.

To get you up to speed, here are some of our recent popular stories on Flipboard:

  1. 15 renovation apps to know for your next project
  2. The basics of landscape design: Where to start when designing your garden
  3. How to design an outdoor room
  4. A guide to shopping for outdoor furniture
  5. How to design a small garden: Ideas and tips

And in case you don’t already, follow Curbed everywhere, we’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, YouTube, LinkedIn, iTunes, Spotify, Art19, and Soundcloud!