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New bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will be Finland’s longest

The curved Kruunusillat bridge will extend for more than half a mile in length

Major bridge news coming out of Finland: Designed by U.K.-based firm Knight Architects, the proposed Kruunusillat bridge will span Helsinki’s Kruunuvuorensilta bay with a route reserved for pedestrians, cyclists, and a tram line. Covering a length of more than half a mile, it will be Finland’s longest bridge upon completion.

Central to the design is a single central pylon rising 442 feet in the air upholding the bridge’s tension cables. Diamond-shaped voids in the center of the main pylon and smaller supports are a nod to the Finnish name of the bridge, which translates to "crown."

The Kruunusillat bridge is just one of three planned spans that will connect new housing areas to the city’s center. The estimated cost of construction is in excess of $290 million. Construction could begin as early as 2018 with an anticipated completion date in 2025.