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New Ikea collection updates Swedish traditions for modern life

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One for the green lovers

In several recent limited edition collections, Ikea has looked to other cultures for inspiration, sampling, for example, the vivacious energy of Brazil and rich textures of India. For its latest limited edition release, however, the retailer is looking wholly inwards, reinterpreting Swedish traditions and country life in a cozy-chic line of furniture, lamps, textiles, and dinnerware.

Launching this month in the U.S., SÄLLSKAP updates ideas from the Scandinavian arts and crafts movement of the late-19th and early-20th century with a compact, multi-functional twist fit for today’s space-conscious lifestyles. What should you expect? Plenty of solid-wood furniture, seating with hidden storage, traditional Swedish patterns, and lots of references to plant life (including the four-leaf clover, deemed lucky by folk traditions.) Take a closer look below and shop the full collection here.