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Translucent fold-up doorway transforms this Brazilian apartment

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The pad was reconfigured to create a brighter, more open space

This run-down flat was transformed by architects Claudia Bresciani and Júlia Risi, who utilized a translucent, folding door to create flexible, open spaces with plenty of light. Located in São Paulo, the apartment dweller is an illustrator who works from home, according to Dezeen. The goal was to restore the original features of the apartment, which had become worse for wear, while removing partitions that blocked out light. As Bresciani told Dezeen, "The apartment was in very bad condition before the renovation. The rooms were dark and it looked as if the place was abandoned."

To kick off the project, the team demolished some of the walls to integrate the apartment spaces and create a more open floor plan. They connected the kitchen with the living room, then created an opening in the wall between the living room and a studio space. The see-through, folding door was placed between the studio and the living room, so the illustrator could create privacy when she needed it, without obstructing any incoming light.

Herringbone parquet floors were restored in the renovation, and then complimented by white-painted walls. The walls offer a stark space for the apartment owner to hang her designs, alongside a mix of chic furniture and plants. But nothing’s too overwhelming: "The idea was to develop a neutral environment so the artist's works and her belongings would be highlighted," the architect notes.

Instead of walls, the architects utilized furniture to create distinctions between apartment spaces. A concrete bench runs the full width of the living room at one end, while a long dining table divides this living space from the kitchen. The open kitchen, which also features pinewood cabinets with white and pink doorways, is further set apart by a modest, two-seat table.

At the other end of the apartment is the bedroom, where a maid’s bedroom was transformed into an adjacent walk-in closet. These spaces are then connected to two bathrooms and a laundry room.