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Converted live-work space was created entirely from salvaged materials

The former coach house is now a one-of-a-kind home

In an impressive feat of upcycling, designers Rolf Bruggink and Niek Wagemans have turned an empty coach house into a one-of-a-kind residence using materials salvaged from a demolished office building nearby.

According to Contemporist, the building dates back to 1895 and was built in the rear garden of a wealthy aristocrat’s home. A custom transformation later, it’s now Bruggink’s own live-work space, sprinkled with work by Dutch artists.

What makes the space work is a two-story central hub, with a kitchen behind glass partitions on the ground level and two sets of stairs to the upper level living spaces. A dining area and living room with great indoor-outdoor appeal are loosely formed around this bespoke "loft." Check out a time-lapse of the construction, below.