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'Enchanted cabin' offers backyard space to relax and reflect

The modern backyard shed is really trending right now

Backyard cabins are really having a moment.

Ardent supporters of the backyard cabin (many of whom tend to overlap with lovers of tiny homes) extoll the virtues of such structures: They can add much-needed space for guests, solo contemplation, and more. They can also, as proves this compact writer’s cabin in the rear yard of a home in a small town outside of Vienna, be darkly charming contemporary foils to more traditional residential designs.

Masterminded by local firm Sue Architekten, the Enchanted Shed, as it’s been so aptly named, is a 322-square-foot (30-square-meter) cabin made of blackened timber that sits behind a 1930s house; Visitors to the cabin must enter via ladder and up through a hatch in its floor. Inside, wood-lined interiors are offset by more modern strip lighting, brass accents, and, in perhaps the most contemporary design move here, a glazed window wall that allows views out into the garden and to the main house. There’s also a bed loft in the space, should one want a nap.

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