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Drool-worthy steel home frames mountain views in Wyoming

Steel yourself for this beaut

Situated in a picturesque mountain meadow just outside of Jackson, Wyoming, this modern beauty looks more like a SoCal transplant than a local lodge. Eschewing the region’s architectural love of rustic log cabins and cowboy flair, the 7,000-square-foot home checks all the boxes for an industrially-inspired abode: there are the steel cladding, exposed concrete, geometric black mullions, midcentury-esque shed roof, and clean-lined furniture to match.

But in spite of its lofty California flavor, the home—designed by L.A.-based Abramson Teiger Architects—makes the most of its verdant views. Bordered by the peaks of the Teton mountains, the home offers ample frames for admiring the scenery outside.

The residence comprises two main rectangular structures and a detached garage planted with a green roof. The materials—steel, glass, concrete, and zinc—were chosen to withstand Wyoming’s brutal winters with minimal upkeep.

There is also a geothermal climate control system outfitted throughout the four-bedroom abode, along with radiant floor heating, and a rain screen that helps reduce thermal bridging from the outer steel facade. Check out the full gallery here.