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Swanky modern party house in the woods asks $2.4M

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A ‘60s gem reborn

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Location: Owings Mills, Maryland

Price: $2,400,000

Who knew that in secluded woodlands just 20 miles northwest of Baltimore, there’s a striking home fit for tranquil modern living and posh parties? Well, that’s exactly what this house, originally designed by architect Charles Richter, Jr. in 1967 offers, for $2.4 million.

Named the Architectural Record 1969 House, the residence is made up of two pavilions —one for private bedrooms and one for public living—connected by an open, glass-walled entry area. Last sold for $850,000 in 2009, the house went through a dramatic update under the new owners, who hired noted D.C. architect David Jameson to redesign the interior.

Jameson, in collaboration with London firm, Yoo, sought to keep the spirit of the original design while modernizing it throughout. According to the listing, the home’s truss roof system allowed them to replace all of the interior walls with a system of freestanding walnut-clad modules that both partition the spaces and provide storage. Elsewhere, pure white Corian surfaces lend a contemporary polish to the kitchen and bathrooms, while exposed white brick, walnut planks, and other timber elements create a more natural feel. Extensive glass walls, of course, always connect living areas to the serene nature outside.

Back on the topic of parties, that’s all in the purview of what the owners call the “Rumpus Room,” the renovated lower-level living area, spruced up with resin flooring, a full-length mural, and an all-white bar. Take the full tour, below.

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