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This rustic cabin was built right into the Norwegian coast

The property overlooks neighboring islands and the Norwegian Sea

When you’ve got scenery like this, why overwhelm it? That seems to be the reasoning behind the humble abode in Stokkøya, Norway, which overlooks neighboring islands and the Norwegian Sea right from the coastline. Dubbed "Hadar’s House," it’s the work of Asante Architecture & Design.

The client is a chef who wanted to ensure there would be sea views from all of the rooms throughout the house. And according to Asante, it’s part of a larger, rural development project that’s focused on building modern Norwegian houses "in a dynamic context" alongside buildings for businesses and researchers. This project in particular does not disappoint.

It was constructed right on the rocks, next to the shoreline. The facade is made of burned wood—a traditional Japanese technique transformed with a Norwegian context—meaning that it is maintenance free. The home also utilizes a low-energy heating system using firewood.

Upon walking inside, there’s a tile entryway with walls lined with wood. The space also provides room for storing a bike, coats and shoes. The actual living space is quite compact—the living room, dining area (distinguished by a hanging pendant lamp) and open kitchen all share one space. The kitchen, with teal cabinets and a white backslash, lines one whole wall.

Above the kitchen is a lofted bedroom made of wood and accessed by a wooden ladder. The architects left the trapezoidal metal sheets of the interior roof exposed to create a visual dynamic between the wood and metal. The metal sheets, too, reflect the light from the sky and water.

Large windows throughout keep the space bright, while the wood-burning fireplace heats it. Just off the entry hallway is one of the best uses of the windows: a bathroom with a built-in bathtub is surrounded by white and gray tiles, and comes with a stunning waterfront view.

Photos by Marius Rua via Contemporist

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