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Architect builds family home around a pear tree in London

Verticality is key

It’s the dream, isn’t it, to build your own home from the ground up, to your exact specifications? For Jake Edgley, the architect behind award-winning firm Edgley Design, achieving that dream was a bit easier than it is for most people. The result is the Pear Tree House, a bright and modern residence located on the site of a former Victorian orchard in Dulwich in South London.

The family home gets its name from the 100-year-old pear tree that stands in the middle of an internal courtyard. Not only does it serve to center the property, which is divided into two blocks, the tree also acts as a symbolic reminder of the site’s former use. A glazed colonnade featuring wooden columns meant to evoke the feeling of looking through tree trunks in a forest connects the two aforementioned blocks, while the communal spaces of the ground floor feature walls of glass that face inward toward the courtyard.

This theme of verticality continues throughout the property in its windows and architectural details like the timber clad exterior. Even the interior concrete walls contain a bit of nature, as they’ve been textured by panels of wood. Decor wise, the home boasts a combination of polished concrete floors and wooden built-ins accented with brass elements that imbue the space with warmth. Head to Dezeen for more.

Via: Dezeen