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Famous architecture reimagined as set designs in whimsical illustrations

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The latest from the prolific Federico Babina

Prolific Barcelona-based architect and illustrator Federico Babina has released a new series of illustrations called “Archiplay” that reimagines the work of 27 famous architects into set designs. These mises en scène are rendered in Babina’s signature graphic, retro style and depict the architecture of greats like Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Oscar Niemeyer, and others as if it were the backdrop for a show.

“I imagine spaces set up for a performance of a show that relates [to] the architects’ work. The architecture dresses up, wears makeup and is transformed to play herself in a show where the volumes and forms write the dramaturgy and relating stories,” Babina told ArchDaily.

Each illustration includes a set of steps leading to the “stage” and at least one human figure, both of which serve to make welcoming what can typically be intimidating. The figures also add a dynamism to the scenes and bring architectural elements to life, as in "a virtual theater where the scenography, the architecture, the light, the shapes and the objects create a tiny show." Have a look below.

Via: ArchDaily, Designboom